Vanita Andrews taking a photo at age 9 Vanita Andrews work Vanita Andrews working

Vanita Andrews: Commercial photographer

The world from behind Vanita’s lens looks pretty different. From an early age she has been driven to capture something unique in her images: beauty in the mundane or a new twist on the ordinary.

Vanita’s work combines obvious technical skill with sensitive creative choices. It means she won’t just work to a brief, she’ll run with it, creating compelling, sophisticated images.

After a successful university career, Vanita honed her craft as commercial photographer around the world, first as an assistant, then as a photographer in her own right. In this time she developed a reputation for capturing candid portraits, thoughtful still life and unusual fashion photography. During her travels, she also developed a flexible working style, creating beautiful images within strict practical or creative restraints.

Vanita works from her own private photography studio in Parnell, which features a full infinity cove, natural light and chic décor.

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